Sunday, March 20, 2016


The Spring Peepers have been serenading me these last few weeks with their beautiful chirping songs...the daffodils have been peeping through the layers of dead leaves, and the moss growing in the middle of our swampy backyard suddenly glows fluorescent green, imbued with new life.

I've cleaned our my pantry, gathering all the little dibs and dabs of dry crumbs and stale crackers and un-toasted acorns for the critters of the swamp. My offerings disappeared within hours! (The acorns were from the fall, I was going to toast them into acorn meal and make coffee and cookies out of them, but the process is very lengthy, the last thing I need to do with 2 littles ones right now. But who knows, maybe next year!)

I've cleaned our my art cabinets. All the random little paper clips, unwanted key chains, half dried up tubes of paint, and dried up play dough have finally been set aside for trash! The shelves are no longer jam-packed with every kind of odds and ends. They are all filled, but not over-flowing. The temporary harmony is a welcome surprise every time I open the cabinet door.

The old lamps in my bedroom have been replaced. I used to have those tapping lights, but somehow, when I plug in two lamps operate by touch instead of by a switch, they become connected circuit-wise, and when you touch one at night to read a book, the other one flickers, or spontaneously turns one at its brightest setting! It feels good to have a simple, functioning lamp at my side!

I've cleaned out my closet, removing things that I used to wear 10 or more years ago, but of which I have tired: things not very flattering, things that don't fit well, things of which I own multiples, and things that got kinda worn out, like my nubby scarves. Bags I never use.

I'm making room in my life for art, for beauty, for things we need, and food we enjoy. I am looking forward to creating, to painting, to owning less but more elegant and substantial clothes that reflect my true style rather than just catch my eye in a sales bin. I'm looking forward to more authenticity, more intentional living, and more grace this year! Happy spring, and happy Eideh Norooz. May it be a new day--a new leaf--for all!

Lady Eowyn

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